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Here at Owen EV, our mission is to make it easy for you to go electric with our home installation service. Our qualified engineers will set up and test your electric car charging station, as well as showing you how to best use your new charger.

Ultra clean, professional service

Minimal inconvenience

10 years EV experience

Quick response to faults

Qualified professionals

Our installation process begins with a full survey of your property so we can assess the suitability of an electric car charging station.

Here at Owen EV, our fully-trained engineers understand the specifics of installing residential and commercial EV charging points. They understand the relevant domestic requirements for charger installation, so you can rest assured that everything has been handled by a professional.

Basement parking, garages, car ports and even barns… our engineers have seen it all.

We aim to make every installation as hassle free as possible so you can get on and enjoy your new electric vehicle.

Please note that our installations are not covered by OZEV grants, so no extra paperwork or checks are required.

Electric car charging technology


We install the latest, high-quality charging points which are compatible with all EV models.

We don’t just plug the points into a wall socket — the charging points are connected directly to your property’s consumer unit or electricity meter.

Our thorough and professional installation process typically takes around four hours, but can be longer depending on your property.

ICS H7C Ev Charger: Technical Specifcation

  • 7.2kW fast AC charging
  • Up to 30 miles charging range per hour
  • Single phase 230V AC
  • Built-in current detection 30mA AC and 6mA DC
  • 10A, 16A, 20A and 32A charge modes
  • LED status
  • RFID authentication
  • Compatible with ICSLMS load management hub
  • Warranty: two years

We use chargers that are compatible with all Electric and Plug-in hybrid vehicles currently on the UK market